New Management

Dear Perennity partner,

Due to ongoing health problems, Laurent Janssens has decided to take a step back and quit his function as CEO of Perennity. He has also very recently sold his shares, and company ownership is now in the hands of 4 people who have been working with Perennity for a long time already (directly or as sub-contractor). This should definitely guarantee a smooth transition, also because the 4 of us have complementary backgrounds and experiences. For the year to come, Laurent will continue to assist us in this transition.

Let us introduce ourselves

Guy Derijcke ( ) has been with the company since its conception. Most of you may know Guy from partner meetings, trade fairs or one of your projects. In the new structure, as customer services and channel manager, he will become your main point of contact to discuss your projects and provide you information and pricing.

Marco Dejaegher ( ) has also been with Perennity from its beginnings. As support engineer most of you have been in contact with him to assist with an installation, solve a particular issue, or provide a (demo) license key. Providing quality support will remain his key responsibility.

Bruno Volant ( ) used to work as a Perennity employee for a number of years, but decided to start his own company Fix-IT (with 2 associates) in 2011. From then, as  subcontractor, Fix-IT and Bruno have continued to do a lot of the development of Perennity products. Bruno will be the person in charge of development.

Johann Roggeman ( ) worked about 5 years for Perennity as project manager when we started AccessBox. After that he became co-owner and CEO of Fix-IT (together with Bruno and a 3rd associate). Johann will bring his management experience at Fix-IT (IT services) to Perennity and be responsible for general management and administration.

We will not drastically change the way of working, but mainly focus on improving our products, service and support.

Key Focus Areas

These are some of the key focus areas we plan to work on during the first year after the acquisition:

  • We have already started completely reworking Perennity DICOM and AccessBox. Perennity will become available as one unified product with add-on modules (e.g. Burner for CD/DVD production, iMAGE Portal for web publishing, transfer for secure DICOM image transfer,…). We implement new (web) development technologies to take advantage of their strengths (stability, performance, security,…).

  • We will contact all of our partners to strengthen the relationship, discuss potential opportunities, and get market feedback.

  • We aim at becoming more proactive and reactive at the same time.

  • We are improving and investing in our internal tools to increase efficiency.

  • We will renew our ISO-13485 certification, as required in various markets.

A lot of investments are currently being done in R&D in order to perform a complete re-engineering of the software. This means that no major changes are planned for the current software version (v5), but we will continue to perform bug fixing and minor changes. For larger projects with a lot of potential we may evaluate the need to go beyond that and add new functionality to v5 still. 

We will come back to you, during later stages of the re-engineering, with more information and other exciting news as well.

Strengthening our partnerships

We strongly believe that for you as a Perennity partner this acquisition will offer only benefits. Our joined knowledge and expertise, and our commitment to deliver first class products and first class service, will definitely contribute to expanding our markets together with you. We will listen to you and your customers, collect market feedback, and be responsive to new trends.

We are all very excited to confront this challenge full of enthusiasm, especially in these special times with the Corona virus still spreading worldwide. We will try to communicate on a regular basis with you, our loyal partners. Due to the current circumstances, for the times to come we’ll mainly use digital communication channels (email, Skype, telephone…).


New offices, new contact details

Please note that we have recently moved our Belgian offices, and our telephone number has also changed starting September 1st. 

New address: Imperiastraat 6, 1930 Zaventem, Belgium

New phone number: +32 (0)2 891 80 38

Some important email addresses:

Please note that our addresses will continue to exist for a while, but we encourage you to use the new addresses from now on.

May we please ask you to update these coordinates in your database please?


We hope to have informed you sufficiently through this letter, and we will try to update you on all significant occasions (e.g. new releases, changes to documentation, pricing,…). If you have additional questions yourself, please don’t hesitate to contact any of us to discuss them.

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