Secure Transfer Client: Streamlining Medical ImagE Exchange

Your solution for secure and efficient DICOM data transfers between remote locations

Step into a world of secure and efficient real-time image exchange with our Secure Transfer Client. As a feature-limited edition of Perennity, it was designed to facilitate the transmission of DICOM studies across geographically separated locations. Whether it’s the need to send studies from an acquisition center to a central hospital or between different institutions for second opinion purposes, our Secure Transfer Client serves your needs with the highest security and efficiency standards.

Versatile, real-time image exchange

The Secure Transfer Client is a feature limited Perennity edition that enables the exchange of DICOM studies between geographically distinct locations in a highly secure and efficient way. It can for instance be used to transfer studies from an acquisition center to a central hospital, or between institutions for second opinion purposes.

To employ secure transfer each location needs a Perennity instance, either an iMAGE Portal or a dedicated Transfer Client. Most iMAGE Portal editions (Basic, Pro and Enterprise) include transfer functionality by default.

Standards based, highly efficient

Transfer is not only highly secure (using SFTP), but it is also optimized for performance and bandwidth reduction by using advanced data compression (lossless). Although transfer in itself is not using DICOM communication protocols, this is fully transparent to users. Perennity Transfer can be added to any DICOM network within minutes.

Perennity transfer works over standard internet connections, even with limited bandwidth. There’s no need for complex VPNs or dedicated lines.

Key features/benefits

  • Highly Secure
  • Extremely Efficient
  • Multi-Directional
  • Smart Routing
  • Our Secure Transfer Client prioritizes security, ensuring your DICOM data is transferred safely across networks, keeping patient information secure and confidential.
  • Everything being transferred is encrypted, from authentication to file transfers. If any part of the data is intercepted, it will be unreadable because of the encryption.
  • Leveraging advanced data compression technologies, the Secure Transfer Client optimizes transfer speed and minimizes bandwidth usage, ensuring rapid and efficient DICOM data exchange.
  • The Secure Transfer Client supports multi-directional data flows, allowing for the exchange of DICOM studies between multiple institutions or departments, enhancing collaboration and convenience.
  • With intelligent routing capabilities, our Secure Transfer Client ensures your DICOM data reaches its intended destination swiftly and accurately, thereby streamlining your data transfer processes.
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