Veterinary solutions

Tailoring medical imaging for veterinary practices

Veterinary practices, regardless of their size, have unique needs when it comes to medical imaging. Our iMAGE Portal suite and most of its add-ons have been developed with this understanding in mind. It is designed to serve as an inclusive solution for veterinary environments, bridging the gap between animal healthcare and technology.

iMAGE Portal offers an affordable and robust solution for veterinary practices, small or large. It simplifies the complex processes of storing, diagnosing, publishing, and transmitting medical imaging data, resulting in enhanced efficiency and improved patient care. Built with intuitive interfaces, our tools facilitate easy integration into your existing workflows, minimizing disruption while maximizing usefulness.

Veterinary-specific diagnostic tools

Enhancing the scope of veterinary diagnostics, the VET viewer edition expands upon the standard MedDream tool set. It offers specialized tools designed for the unique challenges in veterinary medicine. These include Cobb and Norberg angles, TPA, VHS, DI, and TTA.

These tools help accurately diagnose and treat a wide range of animal health conditions. From assessing joint health using Cobb and Norberg angles, to diagnosing heart and orthopedic conditions with TPA and VHS, to planning surgeries using DI and TTA, the VET viewer edition equips veterinary professionals with the resources they need for precise and efficient diagnoses.

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