Revolutionizing Medical Diagnostics


Delve into a new era of medical imaging with the MedDream zero footprint web viewer. Expertly designed for radiologists and other healthcare professionals, this innovative tool offers universal access to medical images, facilitating comprehensive and efficient diagnostics. MedDream seamlessly integrates with iMAGE Portal and its robust features and top-notch functionality redefine your medical diagnostics experience.

Comprehensive, user-friendly diagnostic viewer for medical imaging

Universal access to medical images

MedDream is a third party diagnostic, zero footprint web viewer targeted at radiologists and other skilled physicians. It is an extremely user friendly and full-featured viewer, that integrates seamlessly in iMAGE Portal. It is FDA cleared and CE Class IIb certified for diagnostics (incl. mammography).

Compelling functionality and value

MedDream comes as a plugin to Perennity. It includes a lot of basic and advanced tools, including MPR/MIP/3D features, PET fusion (CT/MR/NM), ECG and video support, presentation states, key objects, basic reporting etc.

Licensing is based on the number of concurrent users.

Key features/benefits

Advanced functionality yet simple to use, zero footprint, cross platform, responsive (desktop & mobile), CE & FDA certified,  multi-modality (supports all types of studies)

For more Information & demo

For more info and an online demo of the viewer:

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