iMAGE Portal solution suite

Manage Medical Files with Ease

iMAGE Portal provides medical professionals with an efficient, easy, and secure way to store and share medical images, videos, and reports from anywhere in the world.

Everything You Need in One Solution Suite

iMAGE Portal is a web-based software solution that enables fast, easy, and secure storage and sharing of medical files such as images, videos, and reports between medical professionals and organizations. iMAGE Portal uses advanced encryption technologies, such as SSL and AES, enabling medical professionals to easily and securely access files from any browser and device.

Everything You Need to Store and Share Medical Files

Store & Protect

DICOM files are uploaded directly to the iMAGE Portal server from modalities, workstations, or PACS, enabling instant access to patients and professionals.

View and Diagnose

Zero footprint CE/FDA certified web-based viewer that can be accessed from any browser and offers advanced tools for medical practitioners.

Publish and Share

Relationships between patients and doctors can be defined by the organization managing the iMAGE Portal, enabling automatic accessibility to authorized users.

Full Suite of Solutions

iMAGE Portal is a comprehensive solution that can be used on its own or with two available add-ons for even more features and capabilities.

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