Revolucionando el Diagnóstico Médico


Sumérgete en una nueva era de imágenes médicas con el visor web sin huella MedDream. Expertamente diseñada para radiólogos y otros profesionales de la salud, esta innovadora herramienta ofrece acceso universal a imágenes médicas, facilitando diagnósticos completos y eficientes. MedDream se integra perfectamente con iMAGE Portal y sus robustas características y funcionalidades de primer nivel redefinen tu experiencia en diagnósticos médicos.

Visor diagnóstico completo y fácil de usar para imágenes médicas

Universal access to medical images

MedDream is a third party diagnostic, zero footprint web viewer targeted at radiologists and other skilled physicians. It is an extremely user friendly and full-featured viewer, that integrates seamlessly in iMAGE Portal. It is FDA cleared and CE Class IIb certified for diagnostics (incl. mammography).

Compelling functionality and value

MedDream comes as a plugin to Perennity. It includes a lot of basic and advanced tools, including MPR/MIP/3D features, PET fusion (CT/MR/NM), ECG and video support, presentation states, key objects, basic reporting etc.

Licensing is based on the number of concurrent users.

Key features/benefits

Advanced functionality yet simple to use, zero footprint, cross platform, responsive (desktop & mobile), CE & FDA certified,  multi-modality (supports all types of studies)

For more Information & demo

For more info and an online demo of the viewer:

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